Audio CDs

Entrepreneurial Institute: Financial Seminar - Dr. Duane Broom (CD Set)

This 5 part series will put you on the path to start your own business.


Faith: A Willingness to Believe - Dr. Duane Broom (CD Set)

Fear blocks the faith of God and hinders faith to have expression in your life.


Faith: Get It On The Inside - Dr. Duane Broom (CD Set)

Learn to get faith on the inside and walk in that faith daily.


No Limits, No Boundaries - Dr. Duane Broom (CD Set)

There are No Limits and no Boundaries serving God.


Now Faith Is - Dr. Duane Broom (CD Set)

Apply and utilize the power of faith in your everyday lives.


Prepare for Increase - Dr. Duane Broom (CD Set)

In this three part series you will hear Pastor Broom teach on how to "Set Yourself Up For Success".


Prosperity Conference - Drs. Duane Broom & Carolyn Broom (CD Set)

Learn the process that will bring you to that place of destiny.


Seed Faith Anointing - Dr. Duane Broom (CD Set)

Activate the anointing of God in your life.


Spirit, Soul & Body: Who is in Control? - Dr. Carolyn Broom (CD Set)

Pastor Carolyn Broom helps us understand our soulish realm...


The Anointing: Pursuing Your Anointing (CD Set)

The anointing of God on your life is one of the most important things that you receive from him.


The Love Of God - Dr. Duane Broom (CD Set)

Nothing works apart from the Love of God, and your faith will not work outside of that love.